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NCLC Digital Library

On Mar. 1, NCLC will unveil our Digital Library, offering subscribers the full text of all their treatises online! The Digital Library will allow subscribers to easily read, browse, search, and copy-paste their treatises' chapters and appendices, as well as additional primary sources and sample pleadings. Watch for details, or see for a list of features and frequently asked questions.

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Consumer Bankruptcy

The Dec. 2013 Supplement to our venerable bankruptcy treatise includes new rules, forms, and fee schedules for use in 2014.

The new second edition of Bankruptcy Basics, just released, is a step-by-step guide for pro-bono attorneys, legal aid offices, and general practitioners new to bankruptcy. Fully revised for 2013 with everything you need to file your first bankruptcy case, plus a companion website with sample completed forms, pleadings, and more.

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Purchasers of the 20-volume set of treatises get free access to NCLC eReports plus Consumer Law on the Web.

NCLC eReports

Eight to ten online articles a month, free for treatise subscribers. Check out a free sample article covering the Supreme Court's June arbitration decision in Sutter v. Oxford.

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"NCLC has been the go-to resource on consumer credit, collections, bankruptcy and sales for more than 40 years."

—Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Founder, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

More praise for NCLC books

Student Loan Law

All the rights of student borrowers: collections, discharges, and more.

Surviving Debt

Our popular guide for consumers, with info on bankruptcy, foreclosures, student loans, and more.

Fair Debt Collection

The latest thinking and definitive analysis of the FDCPA, with great details on preparing a harassment case, requirements and remedies, and tips as to collector's defenses and counterclaims. Cited by the U.S. Supreme Court.