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About Consumer Law on the Web

This provides you with access to all 20 companion websites for our consumer law manual series. The websites include manual appendices, statutes, pleadings, brochures, government forms, interpretation letters, and much more.

Consumer Law on the Web Highlights
  • Over 2000 sample pleadings
  • Key federal consumer statutes, regulations, and agency interpretations
  • Software to compute APRs, amortizations, and Rule of 78 Rebates
  • Software to complete bankruptcy petitions, schedules and statements
Also puts at your fingertips:
  • Key word searches
  • Formatted pages look just like those in the manuals
  • Alternative format as word processing documents
  • Allows you to copy selected text or whole documents right into your word processor
  • Links, forward and backward searches, and searchable indexes by pleading type and subject, by manual title, by topic, and by type document get you to where you want to be in seconds.

Text files on the companion websites are compatible with Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and other word processing software.

How to Obtain Consumer Law on the Web

This revolutionary practice aid comes FREE for those subscribing to the complete set of NCLC manuals.

The web service includes the complete text of Consumer Law Pleadings Numbers One through Nineteen, and most of the appendices from all 20 manuals in the series.

If you already subscribe to several of our volumes, we recommend you upgrade to the full set and receive Consumer Law on the Web as your signing bonus. Call (617) 542-9595 to receive your set upgrade discount.