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Consumer Banking and Payments Law

2013 5th ed. and 2014 Supplement

748 pp. with 2014 Supplement
and Companion Website
ISBN 978-1-60248-126-8

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Revolutionary Changes in Electronic Transfers
  • Payroll cards
  • Consumer protections hidden in NACHA rules
  • Electronic check conversions
  • Consumer liability for unauthorized use and error resolution.
How Bank Accounts Work in the 21st Century
  • Check 21 and the demise of returned paper checks
  • Bank fees, bounced checks, and wrongful dishonor
  • Accord and satisfaction
  • Merchants writing checks on the consumer’s account
  • Forged signatures and check alterations.
Money Orders, International Wires, Prepaid and Stored Value Cards
  • New consumer protections enacted by Dodd-Frank
  • Consumer rights where instrument is lost or stolen
  • Who loses when the issuer becomes insolvent.
Dramatic Changes in How Government Payments Are Made
  • Treasury's new Direct Express Cards for benefits payments
  • Stored value card use for Food Stamps and state benefits.
All the Primary Sources You Need on the Web
  • UCC Provisions and Official Comments
  • Federal statutes, regulations, and interpretations on electronic funds transfer, fair credit billing, Check 21, check collections, funds availability, and stored value cards
  • Electronic Benefit Transfers (EBT), Direct Express Cards, and EFT 99
  • 50 state summary of protections of exempt funds in bank accounts
  • Electronic records and signatures.

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