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Consumer Law Pleadings Website and Index Guide

2013 Edition

Website access for one year
784-pp. 2013 Index Guide
ISBN 978-1-60248-141-1

Table of Contents
About the Editor

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All Pleadings from All NCLC Manuals

One website contains over 2000 sample pleadings.

New Search Aids on the Web Let You View and Download Any Pleading in Seconds

Powerful web search techniques pinpoint pleadings of a specific type, subject area, or legal claim.Or use the Index Guide to search for pleadings by type, subject, or legal claim.

The Index Guide Lets You Use a Book to Pinpoint Pleadings on the Website

Find the pleading you need in seconds and copy it into your word processor. Pleadings are organized in the book and on the website by subject area (e.g. automobile fraud or Truth in Lending), by type of pleading (e.g. complaints, requests for documents, or jury instructions), by legal claim, and by volume number (e.g. Consumer Law Pleadings Number Six or Number Four).

Print, Download, or Paste Pleadings into a Word Processor

Virtually all pleadings are available in both Word and PDF formats.

These Are The Actual Documents Used by Consumer Law Experts
  • Basic “bread and butter” pleadings and form letters
  • The most novel and hottest consumer litigation
  • Pleadings from both federal and state courts
  • Everything from demand letters to complaints, from document requests to depositions, from motions in limine to motions for summary judgment, from opening statements to jury instructions.