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About NCLC eReports

NCLC eReports provides online access to over 100 articles a year. Subscribers to at least one NCLC treatise have free access to eReports, and its archive, as long as they remain subscribers.

Summaries of current articles

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Sample full eReports articles
What does NCLC eReports cover?

NCLC consumer law experts and experienced consumer attorneys in the field write about:

  • Practice implications of new cases, law changes
  • How all the pieces fit together in a practice area
  • Innovative approaches to challenging new problems
  • Winning litigation tactics
Online articles include powerful features
  • Cut and paste string cites and other portions of the articles into a word processor
  • Live weblinks take you directly to agency interpretations, unreported cases, and other key sources
  • View on iPads, smartphones, and other mobile devices
  • Search options allow rapid retrieval of past articles
  • Conveniently found alongside our treatises' companion websites at
  • Optional emails announce new articles and provide weblinks to breaking developments--key cases, new regulations, statutory amendments, and more. Sign up at