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Fair Credit Reporting

2013 8th edition

1200 pp. in two volumes, with Companion Website
ISBN 978-1-60248-136-7

Summary Contents
Table of Contents
About the Companion Website
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Dodd-Frank Changes, New CFPB Rules, and FTC Intepretations

The treatise explains the latest changes in credit reporting required by the Dodd-Frank Act, new CFPB rules, FTC staff interpretations, and important new court decisions. Also covered are the Credit Report Organizations Act, Gramm Leach Bliley, and state credit reporting statutes.

Guidance from the Experts
  • Who must comply with the FCRA -- you will be surprised!
  • Consumers' access to their reporting file
  • Identity theft
  • Responsibilities of creditors and other furnishers
  • Information that cannot be reported
  • Accuracy requirements
  • Disputing data in a report
  • Credit scores 
  • Investigative reports
  • Obligations of consumer report users
  • Privacy issues
  • Advising clients about their credit record.
All the Resources You Need, At Your Fingertips:
  • FCRA regulations, supplementary information, and legislative history
  • Full text of FTC staff interpretations and new CFPB FCRA regulations
  • The only source for all FTC opinion letters on the FCRA, fully searchable
  • Summaries of state consumer reporting, identity theft, credit repair and security freeze statutes
  • Sample complaints, discovery, jury instructions, other trial documents
  • Sample settlement language protecting consumers' credit reports
  • Sample credit reports and model forms
  • Client handout.

"NCLC's Fair Credit Reporting and other manuals are the best and most comprehensive resources in the marketplace for a consumer lawyer -- and comparatively inexpensive to boot. They are held in such high esteem that opposing counsel show up in court with them!"
-- Joanne Faulkner, Attorney at Law
New Haven, CT

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