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Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing

2014 5th edition

1152 pp.
with Companion Website
ISBN 978-1-60248-148-0

Summary Contents
Table of Contents
About the Companion Website
About the Authors

Dealing with Servicers and Staving Off Foreclosures
  • Attacking loan documentation and robo-signing
  • Challenging a party‚Äôs standing to foreclose
  • Failure to comply with HAMP as a foreclosure defense
  • The latest on loan modifications
  • RESPA and other challenges to mortgage servicer abuses
  • Foreclosure litigation: substantive and procedural defenses
  • Raising loan broker and loan originator-related claims against the mortgage holder
  • Special rights to stop foreclosure of FHA, VA, and RHS mortgages
  • Tax liens and tax foreclosures
  • Foreclosure rescue and loan modification scams.
Steps to Take After a Foreclosure
  • Setting aside a completed foreclosure
  • Redemption after sale and repurchase at the foreclosure sale
  • Stopping deficiency judgments and claiming surpluses
  • Tax consequences of foreclosure sales
  • Rights of tenants in possession.
The Website Is a Complete Foreclosure Library:
  • Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) guidelines, trial period plan, and sample modification agreement
  • New FDIC Loan Modification Program
  • FHA, VA, RHS mortgage statutes, rules, letters, and handbooks
  • 100+ pleadings on foreclosure defense, predatory loans, and excessive fees
  • Counseling forms and sample qualified written requests
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan modification agreements, servicing guides
  • Practice aids to fight servicer abuses
  • Summaries of state foreclosure, condominium, and tax abatement laws
  • Credit math software.

Praise for the NCLC Manuals

"This is the best book out there for in-depth legal research on the subject of foreclosure. ... The best discussion anywhere on how to challenge mortgage servicer abuses."
-- Stephen Elias, Esq.
Author, The Foreclosure Survival Guide (Nolo Press)

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