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Praise for NCLC Publications

Praise for NCLC's Consumer Law Manuals

"This series written by nationally recognized experts in consumer law combines perceptive analysis with a comprehensive collection of case references, statutory laws, regulations and practice hints. These volumes should become a standard reference set for attorneys advising and litigating in consumer and credit areas." — ABA Journal

"NCLC has been the go-to resource on consumer credit, collections, bankruptcy and sales for more than 40 years."
—Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Founder, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

"National Consumer Law Center materials are among the most popular sources in our Collection. Whether they represent sellers and lenders or buyers and borrowers our attorney members keep consulting them because they know they will find answers to their questions in these thoroughly researched and clearly written manuals."
—Brian Harkins, Supervisor of Reference Services, Social Law Library (founded in 1803)

"The National Consumer Law Center has come to the rescue of lawyers handling consumer cases. The Series has the answers for the myriad questions that can arise. The analysis of the law contains an extensive study of state statutes and generous footnotes citing case law in every state." — Texas Bar Journal

"The most comprehensive and detailed treatment of their subject I have seen. The manuals combine first-rate scholarship with numerous useful practice tips and aids. I highly recommend them to any attorney who represents plaintiffs or defendants in consumer credit or sales cases." — Richard Gross, former Chairman, Consumer Protection Committee, National Assn. of Attorneys General

"The NCLC manual series is the primary authority in their respective subjects. Many of the queries I get from lawyers and lay people on a regular basis can be easily answered by referring to the manuals." — Alan M. White, Assistant Professor Valparaiso University School of Law

"The National Consumer Law Center has compiled a standard reference set that should make consumer law accessible and profitable for private lawyers. Written by the leading national experts in the field, it is a helpful balance of scholarly analysis and practice pointers."
— Maryland Bar Journal

From Practicing Attorneys Across the Nation

"There are no other resources that we count on to get us to the right answer as often and as quickly as NCLC's manuals."
— Robert S. Green, Green Welling, LLP
San Francisco, CA

"The NCLC treatises are like having an expert by your side." 
Scott D. Owens, Esq.
Law Offices of Scott D. Owens, Hallandale, FL

""The NCLC manuals really are a godsend to so, so many of us out here. Rarely, if ever, have I had a consumer law question that was not addressed in the manuals."
—Kirsten Keefe, Senior Staff Attorney
Empire Justice Center, Albany, NY

"For fighting corporations that cheat consumers, I consider the NCLC manuals as a gun in my holster. Draw!"
— Bernard E. Brown, The Brown Law Firm, Kansas City, MO

"I use the NCLC books in my bankruptcy practice and to expand my practice in other areas. In bankruptcy, I was faced with a repo deficiency claim.  I was able to use the repossessions book to get the legal basis I needed to object to the claim.  I used the Student Loan Law book that had information that a major treatise did not.  I have used the Collection Actions book to expand my practice into collection defense.  In light of the change in bankruptcy law, I have been able to expand my practice to defend collection cases for debtors who if they filed bankruptcy would have been 100% plans. I have gotten better results for my clients that I would have in bankruptcy court and I avoided the bankruptcy on my clients record.  Collection defense involves the same debt buyers and the same claims.  I first bought a few volumes and I found it more cost effective to buy the entire set."
 —  Patrick Kavanagh
 Law Offices of Patrick Kavanagh
Bakersfield, CA

On Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice

"No bankruptcy practitioner, no matter how experienced, should be without this volume."
 — Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Former Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

"Consumer Bankruptcy Law and Practice is a must for every counselor and practicing bankruptcy lawyer in the consumer field. I hope practitioners in my court acquaint themselves with this valuable work." — Judge Marilyn Morgan, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of California

". . . no other book of equal or even approximate value to consumer counsel on bankruptcy matters." — American Bankruptcy Law Journal

"I don't understand how anyone can practice bankruptcy law without the NCLC Consumer Bankruptcy book . . . it's helped more than I can say in my practice. Almost every day someone asks a question on the NACBA listserv and someone else pipes in with ‘Where's your bankruptcy bible, the NCLC book?' I recommend you get it now!"
 — Karen M. Oakes, Basin Bankruptcy Center, Klamath Falls, OR

On Fair Debt Collection

Cited three times by the U.S. Supreme Court in Jerman v. Carlisle, 130 S.Ct. 1605 (2010).

". . . the most widely used manual in the field." — Aslam v. Malen & Assoc., 2009 WL 3853191 (E.D.N.Y. 2009)
"The meticulously organized and well-written chapters are detailed and practical."
—Library Journal

"The NCLC Fair Debt Collection book is utterly indispensable in my practice as a consumer lawyer. I keep the book within arm's reach from my desk."
—Michelle A. Weinberg, Supervisory Attorney
Consumer Practice Group, Chicago, IL

On Foreclosures

"This is the best book out there for in-depth legal research on the subject of foreclosure ... the best discussion anywhere on how to challenge mortgage servicer abuses."
— Stephen Elias, Esq.,
Author, The Foreclosure Survival Guide (Nolo Press)

On Student Loan Law

"The most important resource available to those of us in the field and the authoritative source on student loan issues. Many Philadelphians have received student loan help because of this manual." — Sharon Dietrich, Managing Attorney, Employment and Public Benefits, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia

"Student Loan Law is an essential resource for both advocates and consumers. The author, Deanne Loonin, is the nation's top expert on student loan law, and this manual gives everyone access to her expertise." — Lauren Asher, President, Institute for College Access & Success, home of the Project on Student Debt

On Fair Credit Reporting

"NCLC's Fair Credit Reporting and other manuals are the best and most comprehensive resources in the marketplace for a consumer lawyer—and comparatively inexpensive to boot. They are held in such high esteem that opposing counsel show up in court with them!"
— Joanne Faulkner, Attorney at Law
New Haven, CT

On Consumer Class Actions

"Consumer Class Actions comprehensively guides lawyers through the entire spectrum of class action litigation practice … an invaluable, succinct resource for new and experienced class action practitioners."
— Herb Newberg,
Author, Newberg on Class Actions

"Almost every day, defense counsel asserts some reason why my class action supposedly can't proceed, and almost every time the Consumer Class Actions manual has a compilation of the authorities that rebut the argument. No one should bring consumer class actions who doesn't
have this book on their shelf."
— Roger Mandel,
Beckham & Mandel, Dallas, TX

"The NCLC Class Actions manual is indispensable for anyone involved, on any side, in any class action of any kind."
— Seth Lesser,
Klafter Olsen and Lesser LLP
Rye Brook, NY

On Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices

"A unique survey of UDAP law with which no other resource can compare."
—State Bar of New Mexico News and Views

"This is the most thoroughgoing treatise on consumer law. If you only buy one manual (and that would be a mistake), buy this one!"
— Stephen Gardner, Director of Litigation
Center for Science in the Public Interest

On Consumer Warranty Law

"We had the NCLC's Consumer Warranty Law manual on our desk throughout the entire five-week jury trial. It was essential not just for quick reference to essential points of law but also for specific jury charge language and evidentiary matters. One cannot practice consumer law professionally without having the full complement of the NCLC's manuals."
— Michael D. Donovan, Donovan Searles, LLC
Philadelphia, PA

On The NCLC Guide to Surviving Debt

 "A wealth of expert legal advice on dealing with an overwhelming debt burden."
— Elizabeth Warren, Founder,
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

"Outstanding manual. Seldom is such useful, authoritative information available for so small a price!"
Booklist, Magazine of the American Library Assn.

"A gold mine on topics like how to handle collectors, which debts to pay first, and how collection lawsuits work."
U.S. News and World Report

"Great advice, from the nation's experts, on how to pull yourself out of debt."
—Jane Bryant Quinn

"The best book available for consumers in financial trouble."
— Stephen Brobeck, Executive Director
Consumer Federation of America