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Stop Predatory Lending

2007 2d edition

286 pp.
ISBN 978-1-60248-008-7

Predatory lending has grown exponentially in the last decade, and left much deeper and widespread financial havoc in its wake. Advocates can use a variety of statutory and common law claims in creative ways to achieve redress for consumers harmed by abusive lending.

Table of Contents
About the Authors

Stop Predatory Lending: A Guide for Legal Advocates is a detailed roadmap for legal and community challenges to predatory lending involving first and second mortgages, home improvements, mobile homes, rent-to-own transactions as well as payday, refund anticipation, and auto title pawn loans.

This handbook covers:
  • History and Background on the Rise of the High Cost Loan Marketplace
  • Analyzing Loan Documents: A Step by Step Approach
  • Overview of Legal Claims and Defense to Predatory Loans
  • The Truth in Lending Act Simplified
  • Collecting the Relevant Loan Documents
  • Spotting the Issues in a Case
  • Selecting, Defending, and Resisting a Litigation Forum
  • Holding the Players Liable
  • Crafting a Community Response to Predatory Lending
The Companion CD-Rom contains:
  • Consumer Law Math Program
  • HOEPA Points and Fees Worksheet
  • HOEPA Proposed Regulatory Changes
  • Model Home Loan Protection Act and Commentary
  • Model Payday Loan Act and Commentary
  • Descriptions and Underwriting Guidelines for Alternative Loan Products to Help Homeowners Refinance Out of Predatory Loans from: The City of Chicago, FreddieMac, and FannieMae.

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