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Student Loan Law

2010 4th ed. and 2013 Supplement

694 pp., with 480-pp. 2013 Supplement
and Companion Website
ISBN 978-1-60248-078-8

Summary Contents
Table of Contents
Supplement Contents
Supplement Index
About the Companion Website
About the Authors

Everything You Need on the Companion Website
  • Discharge, deferment, forbearance, and loan
    consolidation forms
  • Sample pleadings
  • Financial Aid Guide in English and Spanish
  • Department of Education policy guidance letters
  • Federal statutes and regulations.
The Bad News

Millions of Americans, delinquent on their student loans, feel the full brunt of federal collection:

  • Tax refund intercepts, wage garnishment, and seizure of Social Security benefits
  • Shocking collection fees and collector harassment
  • Limits on bankruptcy discharge and ineligibility for new loans and grants.
The Good News

One volume that details all rights of student loan debtors:

  • Financial hardship and other loan deferments
  • Affordable repayment plans, income-contingent loan consolidations, and loan rehabilitation
  • Rights to stop tax intercepts, wage garnishments, and seizure of Social Security benefits.
  • Loan discharges based on school closure, fraud, failure to make owed refunds, or disability
  • Minimizing collection fees
  • Claims for proprietary school abuses and deception
  • Challenges to private student loan enforcement.

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