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The Subscription Advantage

When purchasing one or more NCLC treatises, you can choose to subscribe to new updates, or to be notified when new updates are available. Subscribers receive updates immediately upon their release, with extra discounts and a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy. You can get the subscription advantage at no extra charge, and there are many advantages to being a subscriber -- just see the table at right.

How to subscribe

  • If you are an NCLC customer who automatically receives annual updates, you're already enrolled!
  • If you receive notifications when NCLC titles are updated, click here to upgrade to Subscriber status at no charge.
  • If you are ordering a new NCLC title, select Subscriber status during checkout.

Offer details

  • 30-Day Return Policy: Return in good condition any book or supplement within 30 days and receive a full refund.
  • Discounts on updates: A 20% discount off the regular price of all supplements and revised editions. Those subscribing to the complete 20-volume set receive 40% off.
  • Free shipping on updates: Shipping of updates is always free on Subscriber status; others pay $10 for orders under $100.
  • When we ship: Those on subscriber status are sent updates via UPS within days of an update coming off the bindery.
  • NCLC eReports: Free for subscribers. Over 100 on-line articles a year (8-12 each month), detailing insider tips and practice implications of new cases and law changes. View on an iPad or smartphone. Retrieve past articles by subject area.
  • Optional emails: Free for subscribers. Emails announce new NCLC eReports articles and provide links to breaking developments.