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Truth in Lending

2012 8th ed. and 2013 Supplement

1480 pp. in two volumes, plus 704-pp. 2013 Supplement and Companion Website
ISBN 978-1-60248-119-0

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The definitive Truth in Lending treatise from the nation's TILA experts, now updated to include dramatic recent changes, many that go into effect in January, 2014. The treatise also now cites to both the CFPB and FRB versions of Regulation Z and includes analysis of all new Regulation Z changes -- 14 different Federal Register sets of changes to Regulation Z and its Interpretations in 2013 alone!

TILA Is Not Just a Disclosure Statute Anymore!
  • New Dodd-Frank legislation and Regulation Z changes ban numerous mortgage abuses
  • New CFPB rules restrict kickbacks to mortgage originators
  • Extensive new rules on mortgage servicing
  • Special rules regulating higher cost mortgage loans
  • Regulation Z now prohibits mandatory arbitration of mortgage disputes
  • The Credit CARD Act and new federal Rules establish new restrictions on credit card abuses
  • New teeth to regulation of HOEPA loans
  • Statutory damages are now increased to $2000 for car loans, $4000 and up for mortgage loans, and $5000 and up for credit cards
  • Liability of servicers and holders
  • Extensive new disclosure requirements for credit cards, home equity loans, mortgages and other credit
  • The leading discussion of TIL rescission rights that allow homeowners to cancel mortgages.
Key Practice Aids on the Website and in the Appendices
  • Full, searchable text of the CFPB's new and newly amended Regulation Z and Interpretations
  • A searchable compilation of all Reg. Z Federal Register notices since 1969
  • Redlined rules and commentary, showing recent changes
  • TILA legislative history
  • Computer software to calculate APRs, even for irregular or variable-rate loans
  • Sample rescission letter, complaints, discovery, expert reports, and jury instructions for TIL, HOEPA, and FCBA.

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